Meet ConCntric

Led by a 26 year construction industry leader

Steve Dell'Orto
Founder & CEO
Steve is a former executive at a Top-10 commercial contractor where he led 10x revenue growth (and 28% increase in profit) of their western Division into a multi-billion dollar enterprise, scaling from a team of 40 to over 200 employees.

The ConCntric platform is a result of his years of experience leading pre-construction teams to be as efficient and effective as possible without adequate tools to make their work easier and minimize repetitive data entry tasks. Long a thought leader at pre-construction conferences, he realized that only an insider like him would be able to make the missing pre-construction platform that the industry needed in a way that would work for pre-con pros.

Some notable projects Steve's led include:
  • San Francisco Salesforce Tower
  • Golden State Warriors Chase Center Arena
  • Stanford Adult Hospital
  • SeaTac International Arrivals Facility
  • Washington State Convention Center
  • LA Live Development
  • LACMA Geffen Hall
  • Highland Hospital Design/Build
  • Manchester Grand Hyatt
  • Facebook Tower Skyscraper

Co-founded by a 25 year product design & marketing leader

Dave Matli
Founder, CPO & CMO
Dave is a former CMO, VP of Product and Global Creative for companies ranging from mass-market app and technology products makers like LeapFrog to B2B fin-tech and blockchain startups. As an agency principal he led rebranding and product launches for companies as varied as Capitol Studios, Warner Bros., Zynga, Westfield, Lego and Iron Mountain as well as product line extensions of dozens of film, television and video game properties.

ConCntric provides the unique opportunity that product designers crave; the chance to make something simple and beautiful that
improves the lives of those who use it. With a UX approach firmly grounded in the world of consumer apps, where no training is needed
to use them, Dave is excited to partner with users to build a platform that gives hours of their workday back to them.

Some notable projects Dave's led include:
  • Rebranding and Global creative lead for LeapFrog - raising brand awareness from #7 to #2 in 1 year, cutting marketing costs -50% and increasing brand recall with Millennial moms 3x
  • Retail product rebrand of Harry Potter global licensing franchise to become most lucrative in Warner Bros history
  • Repositioning and Global Brand & Marketing Guidelines for Westfield; Grew 14% YoY in declining category
  • Global brand, marketing & product design guidelines: Westfield Malls, Paramount Pictures, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services, Capitol Studios, Zynga Farmville, Abercrombie & Fitch (social media), Sesame Street, LeapFrog, Lego Systems, Fox & MGM (various brands)
  • Warner Bros global asset management system product design and user experience design; miscellaneous UX for Capitol Studios, Abercrombie & Fitch, Parasail Health

    Built by a 20-year Senior Full Stack Developer & Engineering Team Leader

    Leo Celis
    VP Technology
    Leo is a former Ad-Tech & AI engineering lead & entrepreneur
    whose career spans both Silicon Valley, where he led the development
    of the first integrated business intelligence platform spanning all ad networks for Ampush, and Buenos Aires, where he worked for EDS (HP), Neoris (Cemex) and created the first Argentine outsourced development agency.

    ConCntric provides Leo the chance to unify all that he's learned over his career, unifying disparate databases into a single system and building a new AI from the ground up that will revolutionize how construction works.

    Some notable projects Leo led include:
    • Worked with Bay Area tech entrepreneurs to design & build
      innovative MVPs spanning adtech, healthcare, logistics, recruitment and more
    • Certified consultant and partner of Bindows, one of the first RIA/Ajax enterprise frameworks, used by 91 of the Fortune-100
    • Designed and built a cross-channel tracking, ads management and analytics platform for Ampush, from MVP to production-ready, using
      NoSQL databases, and microservices-based architecture running on AWS
    • Built Ampush's first overseas team, with an office in Argentina (currently the core dev team), scaled and managed a distributed team of 60 engineers, between San Francisco, New York, India, and
    • Ampush awarded Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Consultant and Twitter Marketing Platform Partner
    • Co-Founder of an A.I. candidate recommendation engine using performance marketing to attract engineers globally, and Machine Learning to analyze, rank and match them with the right opportunities

      Coded by a Team of Seasoned Experts

      Nahuel Chaves
      Sr. Front-End Engineer
      AWS & Linux DevOps certified team lead for B2C startups, government and corporate B2B engineering teams
      Juan Manuel Crescente
      Sr. Back-End Engineer
      Django, PHP and Java for BE and React.js for FE; database mgt and devops (Linux/AWS)
      Martin Castro
      Sr. Full-Stack Engineer
      Former IBM Services Python expert with React, AWS, Linux, Serverless Big Data managing global teams
      Sabrina Caceres
      Sr. QA Engineer
      Former product manager & entrepreneur at various IT startups; SQL expert