Wasted each year in the U.S.
Lack of transparency and strategic systems in pre-construction create risk for building owners, reduces margin for general contractors and creates moving goal-posts for architects... We're here to change that.
About ConCntric
ConCntric was founded by Steve Dell'Orto; leader, advisor and speaker in the construction industry who was formerly SVP & Regional Executive Officer at Clark Construction, one of the largest privately-owned general contractors in the U.S. with revenues of $4-5 billion annually.

Steve has started up several business units, scaling them to multi-billion dollar levels by revolutionizing the entire front-end pre-construction process to de-risk projects for owners, increase margins for GCs and create transparent design review processes for architects.

ConCntric brings proven best practices and planning strategies to the industry to reduce costs and risks for everyone.

Our services
Senior executive in-person advice, consulting and management of teams, projects & cost-reduction processes
Creation of systems and processes to foster transparent cost forecasting between owners, GCs and architects
Decades of management experience across all construction teams provides a framework for team operations
Construction costs are managed during Pre-Construction
If you are waiting to align on design costs and mitigate budget risk during Construction Phase, you're too late.
Tell us about your project
Improve communication and transparency, reduce investment risk and preserve margins with a better pre-Construction strategy.
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