The Future
of Pre-Construction

It was like free money locked up inside our own operation.
Eric Burkey, Burkey Construction

General Contractors

20% - 40% of pre-construction employees' time is spent doing repetitive data entry tasks — and errors made during pre-construction can cut into net profit by up to 50% - or more.

Owners & Developers

Almost every project runs 10% - 20% over budget, resulting in compromised design and an asset with less value.
5% - 25% of design fees are lost by having to redesign because of a lack of visibility into budgets and costs.


Visibility and transparency on demand

See the status of the project whenever you need to — whether it’s for a presentation to investors or in the middle of the night to set your mind at ease. All costs to date and changes to program are captured — as well as estimates of how yesterday’s meeting to alter the design will affect the budget.

See what your client is seeing

The best way to serve your client is to anticipate their needs… which is why the ability to access the same up-to-the-minute cost and program data that the Owner and GC have is critical to helping you manage your client and your business.
Show clients the overall health of the project whenever they want to see it — in both cost as well as program — from a single screen. See today’s budget, current estimate total and the project’s history as well as the milestones that mark the project’s progress.

One screen tells the story

For the first time
Everyone’s on the same page

Take Pre-Construction to the next level

Fully-informed cost decisions

Reference renderings of Value Items instead of trying to decipher technical jargon. And instead of making ad hoc design decisions in a spreadsheet, group items into scenarios to compare their relative impacts to budget so when you make a design decision you are fully aware of what you are getting, what other items will be impacted and what it will all cost.

Present your own ideas for staying on budget

Create your own scenario groupings to group critical design items together and separate them from less important design changes that can reduce budget while maintaining the integrity of the project. Add alternate ideas to the list for consideration and get full visibility into the cost of work for the project and each pending Value Item so you can anticipate design issues before they happen.
Get faster decisions, collaborative buy-in (and the credit you deserve for working to keep a project on budget). Create your own Value Option groupings by Target, division, meeting date or just your favorites and compare them — real-time against other scenarios — to have clear discussions with owners and architects about cost impacts and trade-offs in design decisions. And when something’s approved, everyone on the team gets notified at once.

Turn a V.E. log into a scenario modeling tool

See division cost outliers across a portfolio in seconds

Know exactly how your project’s costs compare to a set of similar projects normalized by location and date — on demand. See outlier division costs at a glance and zoom into the details so you can have a clear discussion with your GC about what is driving cost differences in your project.

Close more deals by building trust early

Spend a fraction of the time you currently spend preparing for meetings with new and potential clients and build trust before the job even starts. Calibrate provides a clear comparison set of similar projects so that you can show clients exactly how their estimate stacks up against typical costs for similar projects. Frame up cost disparities on specific divisions and control the conversation with single division focus screens so your client is assured there’s no hidden costs or surprises.
Having a front-row seat to the comp sets, cost parameters and outlier costs built into an estimate before you get too far in the design process can make sure you, the GC and the Owner are all on the same page. By reviewing the comp sets used to benchmark the estimate you’ll get insights into the cost parameters and past projects that are underlying future design decisions before they’re made.

See client and GC expectations before the job starts

Your full pre-construction project portfolio in one place

When your GCs use ConCntric for your projects they all roll up into a single status screen — with normalized data — that you can manage and analyze in one place. See real-time project alerts and drill down into any project to see the details or compare it at division level to other projects.

See all design-phase projects at a glance

If you have more than three projects in design phase at any time, you know it takes a lot of manual legwork to see how your whole book of pre-construction business is doing. The Portfolio Dashboard for Architects provides a single place to see which projects are at risk, over-budget, or behind schedule. (apply to join our Beta group!)
Whether you oversee one office with 8 projects or 5 offices with 10 projects each, you can finally get real-time access to the status of each project with alerts for those that are over-budget or high-risk. Your full pre-construction book of business can finally be managed without calling or emailing each project lead individually for an update — and you can know each morning which projects need your attention.

All of your pre-construction projects at a glance


For the first time
Everyone can keep the project on target

ForeSite makes a team-oriented target-value design collaborative process easy and turns value engineering into value optioneering by including everyone in the process of keeping a project on budget.

For the first time
Comparison sets are automatic

Calibrate by ConCntric takes all of the work out of developing and maintaining an on-demand database of comparative projects normalized by time and geography so you can compare costs at division level on demand.

For the first time
See all your pre-construction projects in one place

Pre-Construction for commercial projects typically last from three months to eighteen months… which is a long time to have no visibility into your book of business. For the first time, see live project-level cost and risk data rolled up into a portfolio view and flagged for immediate action in the Portfolio Dashboard.
See the progress and current status of the project in one screen.

to the next level

For the first time
See all your
pre-construction projects in one place

Created by a construction insider for pre-construction pros

We’re building ConCntric to make the lives of construction industry professionals easier… Why? Because ConCntric was founded by a 26-year construction industry veteran who knows preconstruction is way more than just estimating. As an industry insider, his schematics for ConCntric are based on real-world experience across hundreds of projects – with regular input from other industry pros to get it right.

Who is ConCntric?

Designed for people to use without training

We designed ConCntric to be used by normal people who don’t go to off-site training to learn how to use their phone, smart TV or email program. Designed by a 25-year design leader who created products for regular consumers, our products are developed in close partnership with the people who actually use them, to make sure everything about them is simple, clear, intuitive and beautiful.

Engineered to work with what you already use

ConCntric is continuously being improved to work around the tools and behaviors you already have and like – not to make you have to learn a whole new way of doing what you already do. Our head of technology built one of the first marketing platforms that united all data across the entire advertising ecosystem into a single dashboard and is now doing the same thing for pre-construction within ConCntric.


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